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Epidemiology consultancy

Do you have an idea for an epidemiological study and need assistance with writing a research proposal? Or did you conduct a study and do you need help with analysing the data and the write up? I can assist you with all phases of the research process.

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Annette Gerritsen, epidemiologist
Epi Result is specialised in assisting clients with designing epidemiological studies, analysing data from these studies as well as the reporting on these studies. I - Dr. Annette Gerritsen - founded Epi Result in 2008. As an epidemiologist I have strong capabilities in epidemiology, biostatistics, and quantitative research methods. Read more about Epi Result and Annette Gerritsen

Online teaching materials

Although most of the lecturing in public health in South-Africa still takes place during face-to-face contact, online teaching becomes more and more important. For the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care (CEBHC) at Stellenbosch University I developed online learning packages.

References, please

I recently read an interesting blog post from Tim Parks, an Associate Professor of Literature and Translation at IULM University in Milan, on the practice of referencing in academic publications. In my own field of work it is easy to compile a reference list including journal papers, but more difficult if you need to reference (unpublished/draft) reports, factsheets, online data sources etc.

Article on Migration and AIDS & TB mortality

An article that I co-author on the mental health and care use of refugees in the Netherlands has been published.

A narrative review of the safety and efficacy of aspirin in prostate and other cancers

There is growing epidemiological evidence that daily aspirin has a role in the prevention and remission of some cancers, including prostate cancer. Therefore, a review of journal reports published between 1990 and 2013 was performed in order to summarize evidence on the safety and efficacy of aspirin in the prevention and / or adjuvant treatment of prostate and other cancers.