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Epidemiology consultancy

Do you have an idea for an epidemiological study and need assistance with writing a research proposal? Or did you conduct a study and do you need help with analysing the data and the write up? I can assist you with all phases of the research process.

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Annette Gerritsen, epidemiologist
Epi Result is specialised in assisting clients with designing epidemiological studies, analysing data from these studies as well as the reporting on these studies. I - Dr. Annette Gerritsen - founded Epi Result in 2008. As an epidemiologist I have strong capabilities in epidemiology, biostatistics, and quantitative research methods. Read more about Epi Result and Annette Gerritsen

Forecasting the burden of disease

For pharmaceutical companies it is important to know how patient-populations for different diseases develop in the future. Datamonitor Healthcare develops reports including patient-based forecasts for both developed and emerging countries, but also background to diseases in order to explain the results. Since 2013 I am part of their epidemiology team that develops these reports.

Format for a quantitative research article

In November 2011 I posted a format that I developed for a quantitative research proposal on my website. This has become one of my most popular posts (watched almost 7000 times in the past year) and I have received many comments from students/professionals that this has been helpful. I therefore decided to also develop a format for a quantitative research article.

PHASA Lekgotla

On 13 February 2014 the executive committee of the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) held its annual Lekgotla.

Reporting on mortality in South Africa

Statistical reports show a decline in mortality in South Africa since 2007.
The number of deaths reported in 2011 by Statistics South Africa in their 2011 Mortality and Causes of Death report (most recent publication) and the Medical Research Council's (MRC) 2011 Rapid Mortality Surveillance report are slightly different, but both reports agree that there’s a declining trend.