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Online teaching materials

Although most of the lecturing in public health in South-Africa still takes place during face-to-face contact, online teaching becomes more and more important. For the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care (CEBHC) at Stellenbosch University I developed online learning packages.

The two packages discussed how to read case control studies and cohort studies and were part of a project to integrate evidence based medicine in the undergraduate curricula at the University.

Each package that I made included the following:

  • Key readings on case control or cohort studies
    This included a short text discussing the most important features of case control / cohort studies with links to the most recent/relevant articles on these topics: Design incl. (dis)advantages; Selection of participants including selection bias; Measurement of exposure / outcome including information bias; Measures of frequency and association: odds ratio (OR) / relative risk (RR); control for confounding, looking at effect modification: stratification, regression analysis; criteria for causality; Strobe statement.
  • Podcasts
    These short PowerPoint presentations with voice over focused on the most difficult topics as discussed in the key readings: Overview of the different measures of frequency and association (especially differences in interpretation); Simple examples clarifying confounding versus effect modification by means of stratification
  • Critical appraisal assignment
    Students would need to critically review an article from the literature (a study using a case control or cohort design) using a standard checklist. I made a  worked example of the assessment.

Last year the packages have been included in the curriculum and my client indicated that they were working very well.

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Support the development of an applied epidemiology course

I am currently supporting I-TECH South Africa and the University of Washington with the development of an applied epidemiology distance learning course. One of the main tasks it to provide technical expertise related to the South African clinical and epidemiology contexts.

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