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Articles published in the category: Cases

Support the development of a Masters in PH Research

The Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania is currently in the process of setting up a Masters of Public Health Research programme. I have been involved in supporting different aspects of the start up: Provide supportive supervision and peer feedback on training materials and course delivery; Assist in course assessment; Assist in the development of a module on advanced epidemiology. continue reading

Teaching students and assisting academics with research work

Already since the end of 2009 I have been assisting the School of Public Health of the University of the Witwatersrand / the MRC &Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit (Agincourt). The services that I provide relate to both teaching students (mainly supervision and examination), as well as assisting academics with their research work (e.g. publications, funding proposals). continue reading

Compiling an Annual Health Statistics Report

The Institute for Health Measurement (IHM) stimulates African countries to utilize the health information being generated from public health interventions in order to improve the health outcomes of their populations. Via IHM, Epi Result assisted the Swaziland Ministry of Health to compile an Annual Health Statistics Report. This included analysing data and writing the report. continue reading

Providing extra capacity for reviewing data and writing up

Health Systems Trust (HST) is a dynamic not-for-profit organisation supporting the transformation of the health system in South Africa. Subscribing to a primary health care approach, HST actively supports current and future development of a comprehensive health system, through strategies designed to promote equity and efficiency in health and health care delivery in southern Africa. continue reading

Baseline health assessment for an ESHIA project

As part of an Health Impact Assessment (HIA) project in Angola, a health baseline study needed to be conducted. Angola Resources Consultants (ARC) outsourced the desk-based research to Epi Result. This article discusses the steps that were taken in order to come to a final report on the baseline health status of the community in the region. continue reading

Workshop Introduction to Epidemiology in Health Economics

As part of the ISPOR conference, I gave a workshop on epidemiology. This focused on the uses of epidemiology in general, and in public health and health economics. The different study designs, especially those used in health economic studies, were discussed, as well as the different measures of frequency and association. The attendees completed exercises and case studies were discussed. continue reading

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