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Wits University

The School of Public Health provides e.g. a MSc in epidemiology program as well as a Master in Public Health program. It also has research entities, including the the Agincourt Health and Socio-Demographic Surveillance System (HSDSS) site (part of the INDEPTH network) in rural South Africa. It focuses on providing reliable population-based health and demographic information (including registration of births, deaths and migrations).

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Recent project

Writing a report presenting the evaluation of a randomized controlled trial focussing on a school-based intervention that the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication developed and implemented in South Africa: Soul Buddyz Clubs and Schools as nodes of care.

Reference: Kathleen Kahn | Wits University Johannesburg

More projects

  • Being an examinator for Masters exams in epidemiology. Reviewing Masters dissertations and journal articles.

    Reference: Peter Nyasulu | former senior lecturer, School of Public Health, Wits
  • Assisting with activities of the Multi-country Analysis of the Dynamics in Migration and Health (MADIMAH) initiative: communicating with participating Health and Demographic Surveillance sites; preparing workshops; writing reports. I also wrote and published an article on the MADIMAH work.

    Reference: Mark Collinson | Senior Researcher Agincourt
  • Writing a literature review on growth faltering and impaired development (prevalence, risk factors and interventions) in children under 2 in developing countries, as part of a study proposal for the Gates Foundation.

    Reference: Shane Norris | Wits University Johannesburg
  • Analysing data to validate verbal autopsies in the Agincourt Demographic and Health Surveillance system. Writing an article on this for a peer-reviewed journal. Oral presentation of the study at the PHASA 2010 conference.

    Reference: Kathleen Kahn | Wits University Johannesburg
  • Providing editorial support to a book from INDEPTH in order to to better understand Migration and Urbanization in African and Asian settings. This was done by e.g. reviewing all the chapters for methodological quality.

    Reference: Steve Tollman | Director of the MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit
  • A half-day workshop on Introduction to Epidemiology for participants in the Forced Migration Studies Programme of Wits University. Measures of frequency and association, as well as different study designs were discussed, all including examples from studies conducted in the field of migration.

    Reference: Lorena Nunez | Wits University Johannesburg

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