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Every quarter I send out an Epi Update, this is a free email newsletter (Sign up for free!) to share news and knowledge about epidemiological research. Find below the most recent articles.

Global HIV Cascade Workshop

For the WHO I went to Croatia to attend a meeting on the development of HIV treatment cascades. continue reading

WHO Meeting on Strategic Information for HIV

I attended a meeting at WHO Head Quarters in Geneva to discuss country support for Strategic Information for HIV. continue reading

Training course on GRADE guideline development

I attended a training course on the GRADE approach which is used to evaluate the quality of the evidence for guidelines. continue reading

Disease profile for Vhembe Health District

A report on the Disease profile for Vhembe Health District that I co-author has been published. continue reading

Random sampling versus randomisation

I recently examined a MPH thesis in which the student stated that “the intervention and control were assigned using a random sampling technique.” I have noted in the past that students mix-up random sampling and randomization. I therefore explain both concepts together in this article. continue reading

Support the development of an applied epidemiology course

I am currently supporting I-TECH South Africa and the University of Washington with the development of an applied epidemiology distance learning course. One of the main tasks it to provide technical expertise related to the South African clinical and epidemiology contexts. continue reading

Africa Health News

Africa Health News is a new website that brings together health news, events and career opportunities from African countries. Monthly updates are send out to a large group of interested subscribers. I started this website in the beginning of 2016 and Emily Christopher, Megan Harker and Steven Nonde are currently writing articles for it. continue reading

WHO consultancy malaria RSA

For the WHO in South Africa I conducted a malaria mid-term review of the elimination strategic plan. continue reading

Networking at SA AIDS 2015

I went for the day to Durban to meet up with potential new clients, existing clients and friends who were attending the SA AIDS 2015 conference continue reading

Upgrade Epi Calculator

The online calculator that gives estimates for the need of HIV/AIDS, TB and NCDs services for South Africa has been upgraded. continue reading

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