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Africa Health News

Africa Health News is a new website that brings together health news, events and career opportunities from African countries. Monthly updates are send out to a large group of interested subscribers. I started this website in the beginning of 2016 and Emily Christopher, Megan Harker and Steven Nonde are currently writing articles for it. continue reading

Effect of data sharing policies

In the SACEMA Quarterly of March 2015 a very interesting article was published on the influence of data sharing policies. As a researcher I had not realised the impact of these policies and therefore I want to share a summary of the article here with you. continue reading

A narrative review of the safety and efficacy of aspirin in prostate and other cancers

There is growing epidemiological evidence that daily aspirin has a role in the prevention and remission of some cancers, including prostate cancer. Therefore, a review of journal reports published between 1990 and 2013 was performed in order to summarize evidence on the safety and efficacy of aspirin in the prevention and / or adjuvant treatment of prostate and other cancers. continue reading

SACEMA policy brief: Early access to ART for all?

From 20-25 July 2014 the big AIDS conference in Melbourne was held. There continues to be discussion about eligibility criteria for starting antiretroviral treatment (ART) for HIV positive people, also within South Africa. Around the time of this conference, the South African Centre of Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA) released a policy brief on the challenges around early access to ART for all. continue reading

Reporting on mortality in South Africa

Statistical reports show a decline in mortality in South Africa since 2007. The number of deaths reported in 2011 by Statistics South Africa in their 2011 Mortality and Causes of Death report (most recent publication) and the Medical Research Council's (MRC) 2011 Rapid Mortality Surveillance report are slightly different, but both reports agree that there’s a declining trend. continue reading

Eliminating malaria in South Africa

From 6 - 11 October 2013 the 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference "Moving towards malaria elimination: Investing in research and control" was held in Durban. For South Africa the most important issue discussed was certainly the announcement that the country is determined to eliminate local transmission of malaria by 2018. continue reading

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