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GLM course

In April 2010 I did a 4-week online course on GLM (Generalized Linear Models) via Statistics.com. The instructors were Dr. James Hardin and Dr. Joseph Hilbe, authors of the book Generalized Linear Models and Extensions (2001, 2007, Stata Press). continue reading

Malaria presentation at PHASA conference

In December 2009, the Public Health Association of South Africa held it’s 5th conference. There I delivered an oral presentation on trends in randomized controlled trials of malaria treatment and prevention in Africa. continue reading

Annette Gerritsen at SABC

I gave a presentation at the Migration and Society seminar of the Forced migration studies programme at Wits University, after which I was invited for an interview in the programme SABC International 180 Degrees. continue reading

Teaching quantitative research proposal writing at Medunsa

8 and 9 August 2011 I have been teaching quantitative research proposal writing to Doctor of Public Health students at the School of Public Health of the University of Limpopo, Medunsa campus. The first day the focus was on on the elements of a research proposal. continue reading

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