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Articles published in the category: News

Workshop and launch District Health Barometer

The 2012/13 District Health Barometer has been launched and a workshop was held to present the most important results. continue reading

SASA Conference

I presented at the inaugural conference of Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa conference. continue reading

Writing sections on immunisation for the District Health Barometer

In 2012 and 2013 I have written the sections on immunisation coverage for the DHB publication of Health Systems Trust. continue reading

Contributing to the writing of a Wellcome Trust proposal

In June 2013 I assisted with finalizing the scientific justification and background sections of a funding proposal for the Agincourt HDSS. continue reading

Teaching an advanced epidemiology course at UP

I gave a 5-day course on measures of frequency and association, study designs, bias, confounding and effect modification. continue reading

Video-conference on epidemiology

For ISPOR SA I did a video-conference on epidemiologic study designs, as well as measures of frequency and association. continue reading

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