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Data collection instruments development

I assist with the development of data collection instruments like questionnaires.

Importance of good data-collection instruments

It is very important that in your research study you collect the data you need to answer the objectives. In addition, try to avoid collecting data that you do not necessarily need but that you just find interesting, as this increases the burden on respondents and fieldworkers, and has an impact on the costs of your study. When developing your data-collection instrument, keep already in mind how you want to analyse your data at a later stage. I can assist you with the development of e.g. a questionnaire based on the information in the research proposal.

Training of fieldworkers

Once you have developed your data-collection instruments, those who are doing the actual collection of the data (the fieldworkers) need to know how to use them. I could assist in training fieldworkers or give you guidance on how to train them.

Are you looking for someone to assist you with the development of data collection instruments? Just give me a call on +27 (0) 72 964 0548 or send an email to annette.gerritsen@epiresult.com

Example projects

  • Reviewing and finalizing methodology

    For a national project on the dynamics and incidence of child abuse, neglect and exploitation (in collaboration with the Department of Social Development) I reviewed and finalized the methodology including the data collection instrument.  

    Reference: Kgomotso Matthews | Chief Operations Officer, Linkd
  • Development of a step by step guide for a Focus group discussion

    A guide was developed which provides the user with an overview of the steps required to conduct a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), including the resources required, and instructions about what you do with the information when you have completed the FGDs. It is based on both methodological literature as well as personal experience. A one-day workshop was held to familiarize future FGD facilitators with the guide.

    Reference: Chris Burman | The Development Facilitation and Training Institute, University of Limpopo
  • Development of Diabetes Screening tool

    As a pilot project for ‘Preventer’ a Diabetes Screening Tool was developed based on available evidence (all the important risk factors) in the scientific literature, but also taking into account that it is easy to complete and gives a simple estimate of the diabetes risk (low/high).

    Reference: Damon Ramsey | CEO Healthism