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Africa Health News

Africa Health News is a new website that brings together health news, events and career opportunities from African countries. Monthly updates are send out to a large group of interested subscribers. I started this website in the beginning of 2016 and Emily Christopher, Megan Harker and Steven Nonde are currently writing articles for it.

When the Public Health Association of South Africa decided at the end of 2015 to discontinue its newsletters due to financial reasons, I felt that a new initiative should fill the gap that this was causing. Many people were accessing the items on the PHASA website, especially the jobs, and I often got requests from students about internships. That is how Africa Health News was born.

Africa Health News gives a platform to individuals, academic and research institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations, societies and associations to disseminate their work, activities and opportunities in the health related field. This is done by posting items on the website and by sending out monthly updates to over 3,000 subscribers in South Africa, other African countries and elsewhere.

Due to the fact that our network is largely in South Africa, this country has the highest coverage in the items currently published on the Africa Health News website. However, we are trying, especially in the news items, to focus on the whole of Africa. We also invite people to contribute to the website. If you are interested, please send an email to contribute@africahealthnews.com

And we invite you to Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter so that you will be kept up to date with what we publish on the website.

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Effect of data sharing policies

In the SACEMA Quarterly of March 2015 a very interesting article was published on the influence of data sharing policies. As a researcher I had not realised the impact of these policies and therefore I want to share a summary of the article here with you.

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