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Analysis of HIV epidemics and country responses

For countries it is important to know what the status of the HIV epidemic is, what the size of the health care response is, and if the latter has had an effect on the trends in the burden of disease. Based on this priorities can be given to particular areas, strategic plans may be refocused, and certain efforts intensified. In the past year I have conducted two epidemic and impact analyses, one for South Africa and one for Nepal, for the respective WHO country offices. continue reading

Forecasting the burden of disease

For pharmaceutical companies it is important to know how patient-populations for different diseases develop in the future. Datamonitor Healthcare develops reports including patient-based forecasts for both developed and emerging countries, but also background to diseases in order to explain the results. Since 2013 I am part of their epidemiology team that develops these reports. continue reading

Writing the Epidemiological and impact analysis section of the joint HIV and TB programme review 2013

I wrote the Epidemiological and impact analysis section (desk review) of the joint HIV and TB programme review 2013. This focussed on the disease burden of HIV and TB in South Africa as well as programmatic efforts.  continue reading

Contributing to the writing of a Wellcome Trust proposal

In June 2013 I assisted with finalizing the scientific justification and background sections of a funding proposal for the Agincourt HDSS. continue reading

Baseline health assessment for an ESHIA project

As part of an Health Impact Assessment (HIA) project in Angola, a health baseline study needed to be conducted. Angola Resources Consultants (ARC) outsourced the desk-based research to Epi Result. This article discusses the steps that were taken in order to come to a final report on the baseline health status of the community in the region. continue reading

Conducting of a health baseline study

As part of a Health Impact Assessment a health baseline study needed to be conducted for a region in Angola. Desk-based research was used and information was collected on prevalence and incidence of diseases (countrywide, Province, region), aetiology and transmission, disease presentation and diagnosis, treatment, prevention and interaction with other diseases. continue reading

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