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Support the development of an applied epidemiology course

I am currently supporting I-TECH South Africa and the University of Washington with the development of an applied epidemiology distance learning course. One of the main tasks it to provide technical expertise related to the South African clinical and epidemiology contexts. continue reading

Teaching an advanced epidemiology course at UP

I gave a 5-day course on measures of frequency and association, study designs, bias, confounding and effect modification. continue reading

Video-conference on epidemiology

For ISPOR SA I did a video-conference on epidemiologic study designs, as well as measures of frequency and association. continue reading

Providing peer feedback on teaching epidemiology

From 19 to 24 November 2012 I was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to provide supportive supervision and peer feedback to staff from the Ifakara Health Institute(IHI)  teaching a module on epidemiological research designs (pilot). I attended the classes to observe the teachers and I reviewed the teaching materials (lecture slides, class and take-home exercises […] continue reading

Support the development of a Masters in PH Research

The Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania is currently in the process of setting up a Masters of Public Health Research programme. I have been involved in supporting different aspects of the start up: Provide supportive supervision and peer feedback on training materials and course delivery; Assist in course assessment; Assist in the development of a module on advanced epidemiology. continue reading

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